Are there any meditation or yoga centers in Cuba?

Question: I’m going to Cuba in September 2011 and want know if there are any meditation or yoga centers in Havana or elsewhere in Cuba.

Answer: Since the 1950s, Hatha yoga has been practiced in Cuba, and in 1957 followers of Swami Paramahansa Yogananda founded the devotional Asociación de Autorealización (Self-Realization Association), which is still active.

Today, a national yoga television program coordinated by Eduardo Pimentel Vázquez, a well-known yoga master in Havana, has built up a large number of Cuban followers for this age-old discipline going back to the 2nd century BC in India. In addition, Pimentel and his wife, Elsa Hermida, have their own studio “Vidya Yoga” (Yoga Knowledge) in Havana where they teach yoga to all interested individuals. Pimentel, who began his training in Hatha Yoga in 1971, has been teaching since 1982.

In 1990, the Asociación Cubana de Yoga (Cuban Yoga Association), which is a member of the Latin American Yoga Union, was founded. Dedicated to teaching yoga at the community level, in 2007 it boasted some twenty-five instructors (five of them professors) with local branches in eight of Cuba’s provinces. At that time, Pimentel – who is the president of the Cuban Yoga Association – estimated that some 12,000 people in Cuba had taken three-month yoga courses, and there have been workshops, conferences and numerous meditation retreats.

Below, you will find the contact information for Eduardo Pimentel and Elsa Hermida. Both speak English.

Eduardo Pimentel Vázquez and Elsa Hermida

Studio Vidya Yoga

La Rosa #610, Apt. # 2, entre Boyeros y Ermita

Municipio Plaza de la Revolución, Ciudad de La Habana, 10600, Cuba

Telephone (537) 870 9237

Email: [email protected]

At their studio, Pimentel and Hermida teach basic, intermediate and advanced courses, as well as private classes and yoga for women. Practices include postures (asana), breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, intensive training, special workshops, and lectures. If you do a google on their names, you will find additional information in both English and Spanish.



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  • N.B. this isn’t where Eduardo & Elsa are located anymore. He’s changed his address / studio since Feb. 2012, but you can still email.

  • Hola!

    I think its great that more people are asking for this in Cuba.

    My name is Christine and I live in Toronto, but i’ve been practicing Yoga with Eduardo recently and we have been planning a yoga retreat in Playas del Este with Eduardo Pimentel.

    Myself and my partner Natalie O’connell have been travellig to Cuba for over 10 years and we really want to share with people the beauty of Cuba and let them see something more than the resorts.

    Over the last few months we have been planning all the details of the retreat, from salsa lessons, to visits to organic markets, aromatherapy workshops and plenty of yoga & meditation with Eduardo & Natalie.

    The retreat will be Nov 5th-12th, 2011, if you would like more info please don’t hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) or check out our website:


  • YES, Yoga in Cuba with Eduardo Pimentel & Elsa Hermida is a GREAT way to spend your time in Cuba.

    This November we will be hosting a 1 week YOGA RETREAT IN HAVANA with Eduardo Pimentel.
    7 nights/ 8 days of Organic cuisine, Cuban culture, and a rewarding Yoga Journey.

    For more info check out


  • There are also a few practitioners of Ananda Marga style yoga in Havana and perhaps elsewhere. This style of yoga follows the teachings of Sri Sri Anandamurti. You could check with the PROUT Institute in Caracas Venz. (just google it) for information on contacting the Didi who holds workshops in Havana occasionally.

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