Can I bring my iPhone to Cuba. Will it work there?

Answer: According to Cubacel, which is the business unit of the national phone company ETECSA and which offers mobile telephone services, Cuba does not yet have the technological capacity to facilitate the use of iPhones. They anticipate that in the future, as Cuba’s own technological capacity develops, they will be able to provide this service. To keep abreast of developments within Cubacel, consult their website (Spanish only) at

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6 thoughts on “Can I bring my iPhone to Cuba. Will it work there?

  • I bring my iPhone twice in Cuba. I didn’t got any problem at the custom (iPhone was in my pocket, so I drop in in the basket with my belt, changes and wallet. My point is, the custom officier see it). Also, I was able to send and recevice call and SMS via cubacell.

  • Hi there, I have to raise the question again…

    Do they specifically ask, search people at customs about the Iphone or a GPS phone?

    I will travel to Cuba next month and would like to be able to listen to my music…anything else won’t work anyway most likely.

    Is it forbidden due to the reason it has gps capability and do people get searched upon entry at customs?

  • Yes, you can bring your iphone. I have brought mine the last few years. I know a few local Cubans who use an iphone but ofcourse without the internet connection.

  • You have nothing to worry about, that is, unless your provider does not have a roaming agreement with CubaCel.

    I took my iPhone their well over a year ago, for the first time, and I know many in the Government and never once was it an issue. Not at Customs entry or exit.

    I met with the Minister of MINIT over a matter not related, which was a pleasure and he took a few moments to wonder at the iPhone, never having seen one before.

    I was roaming with Rogers Communications Canada and with Fido, they are one and the same. In the next while, I’ll be back in my second home, with a Bell Canada iPhone…I already know that Bell roams with CubaCel, so I’m covered.

    It will just be interesting to see who is cheaper, because my Roger’s bill was reasonable, for the heavy use whilst in Cuba.

  • They will not take your iPhone. mine made it and back, the cubacel logo came on my phone twice, but i never was able to make, or receive calls.
    I took my iphone jailbroken. otherwise it wouldnt be able to even accept the sim card.

  • I’m concerned about bringing an iPhone to Cuba, as there are no GPS devices allowed in the country. I don’t want to have it confiscated in Customs. Anybody know if I should be concerned about this?

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