Can I study at Havana University without knowledge of Spanish ?

Question: I am from Poland and I am interested in broadening my English language skills and would like to start studies at the English faculty of the University of Havana. I would like also to learn Spanish language. My question is if it is feasible to study at University of Havana without knowledge of the Spanish language.

Answer: In a consultation with the Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras (FLEX or the Foreign Language Faculty) of the Universidad de La Habana, we were informed that they offer courses in both English and Spanish (as well as other languages), and that it is not necessary that one speaks Spanish before beginning studies of either language.

Courses in English are offered on a semester basis.

Courses in Spanish are offered by FLEX’s Departamento de Español (Spanish Department) and begin on the first Monday of each month. There are four levels, different length courses, and placement tests determine the appropriate level for each student. If one wants to take the year-round Spanish-language course, this begins in October and goes until May.

To get more detailed information about the courses as well as about how to proceed with enrolment, there are two options:

You can go to the website of the Universidad de La Habana at , click under Facultades and then go to Lenguas Extranjeras. This site has the advantage of providing more general information about the university. The website exists only in Spanish, so you might want to try the Google translator (which has its limitations but still gives a general idea) to read it in English.

Or you can go directly to the website for the Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras, which is accessible either through the general website for the Universidad or directly, at Be persistent, as sometimes it takes a while to get into the site.

You might also try the following URL which provides a description of the Intensive Spanish Program, in English, as well as Immigration Requirements for overseas students wanting to study in the Foreign Language Department.

For more information, you can also contact the Postgraduate Office either by email (MSc. Tamara Proenza) or by phone (537) 832-4245. They will also be able to provide information on obtaining a student visa, etc.

According to immigration requirements, any foreign national who wants to study in Cuba is required to stay at a university residence, tourist resort or at a licensed private rental home.

16 thoughts on “Can I study at Havana University without knowledge of Spanish ?

  • i want to study in cuba so i want you to sent me an admission form

  • Sir, I choose to study in Cuba because of the present post-war challenges my Country Liberia is undergoing as it relates to Human Resource Capacity Building, by which I have no alternative but seeking for admission.

    Best regards.

  • I want to study in Cuba so I want you to please sent me an admission form

    • My daughter Aeisha wants to study forensic science in cuba. Can you send me an enrollment form or direct me to a website.

  • I have just completed my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon in Ghana and want to continue to persue my PhD in your University. I will be glad if you can guide me as to the processes to follow. Thank you.

  • hi, I am a mature student at Ryerson University-masters-I would like to study Spanish language at Habana university. please give me info: time. requirments. fee, etc.

  • hey there, I am Yvonne and I come from Namibia. i would like to find out when the 1st semester at the university of havana in cuba start…..

  • hello My Name is Jandira João and i would love to study at Habana University. Please help me i from Angola i need info: requeriments times rooms. In faculty José Antonio Echeverría ISPJAE/CUJAE. Thank you

  • I am afolabi samuel i am a NIGERIAN that wants to study law in the university of havana pleas i need the requirement to do so as soon as possible

  • I am kremensia I am a namibian want to study medicine at the university of havana may you please send me requirements as soon as possible please

  • Antony Shanguya, from Tanzania and i m on this page to ask the directives on how to get the chance for study Mechatironic in Cuba.


  • I am an international student and I just finish my Bachelor Degree and want to pursue my Master’s Degree in your highly esteem institution, please can you help me on admission process and the criteria needed to be admitted.
    Thank you.

  • I would like to study mechanical engineering at Havana what can I do? I from Namibia.

  • can I please get a application form to apply I want to study medicine I have just completed high school 2018

  • Dear Sir, I have studied in Liberia, and the United States of America, all are English Speaking Countries. I earned PA three year Diploma, from Liberia. I also earned Asso. Degree, Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health (Community Health Track) from USA, where I am residing. I am a citizen of United States.
    I would like to study Medicine at Havana University.
    Question: Does Havana has program for studying in English Language?

  • Dear Sir, Please I am from Nigeria and interested in studying tuition free Medicine MD Programme in English as language of instruction and examination. Is it possible in your school or where is it possible in cuba.


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