Can I use a Blackberry Pearl cell phone in Cuba?

Question: My daughter has a Blackberry Pearl, can she use this in Cuba and how do I add the service?

Answer: In a telephone consultation with Cubacel, the business arm of ETECSA which offers mobile telephone services in the country, they said the following:

“As long as the Blackberry is GSM (900 MHz) and has International Roaming set to include Cuba, she should be able to use it while walking off the plane.”

In short, be sure to confirm, before coming to Cuba, that your International Roaming option for the Blackberry covers Cuba.

Note: For more detailed information about using a Blackberry in Cuba, please see the response to the question “I recently sent an email to ONHG asking if I could bring my Blackberry Bold 9000 into Cuba to keep in contact with my family and have not received a reply. Can you please advise me?”

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