Can We Take a Laptop into Cuba?

Question: Would appreciate any advise you could give us about taking a laptop to Cuba on a trip that we are planning later this year. We are planning/hoping on a couple of weeks in Cuba, including a few days in Havana and some travel inland and to the East, ending in Holguin. We realize that Internet connectivity is difficult at best, even in Havana (at hotels?), but we also use the laptop to download pictures, keep notes, write information, etc.  Are there any restrictions/problems? Would we encounter any issues entering or leaving the country? Any information you could share, either by email or a posting on HT’s web page would be appreciated. Regards.

Answer: There is no problem whatsoever with taking a laptop and accessories on your trip to Cuba. Several hotels in Havana and some in other parts of the country have Internet connections.  Some very slow, others relatively fast (Hotel Melia Habana, Hotel Melia Cohiba, Hotel Panorama, Hotel Parque Central in the capital.).  Most of the hotel websites clearly let you know if they have WIFI, service-only on their computers or no Internet access.  Expect to pay between 6 and 8 CUC (7 to 9 USD) per hour for WIFI.

There are some hotels with round 220 volt electrical outlets so it wouldn’t hurt to bring an adapter that goes from your flat plug in to two round ones, since the adapters are sometimes scarce.


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  • No problem taking my laptop into Cuba on my recent trip

  • There is no problem taking your laptop to Cuba. The problem is when you take more than one.

  • Hello, I’m from France, and I already have this problem, just contact your bank office before they could arrange for you the international problem with your card. Good trip for all.

  • Yes VISA or other should be a problem, if you don’t verify with your bank that all is ok… Mine doesn’t work in some country, I had to use my wife’s one… so take care about that.

  • The above information is correct. I took one to Cuba in April 2010. I used it to back up my digital camera memories. Also, take USB FLASH memory drives. You may need it to transfer documents to Internet access points. They also make great gifts! Most people in Cuba use them since printers and Internet access points are scarce, but computers are more available.
    You might even consider taking a small surge protector with multiple outlets if you have to charge multiple devices (chargers). Evening or video photography uses up rechargeable batteries quickly; consider an extra battery for your main devices or cameras. I also do this on US roadtrips.
    Avoid taking devices with GPS, satellite phones. Read requirements on your visa and customs declarations.
    Cell phones are OK but you may/will need to buy a chip. Sprint and iphones are useless.

  • I am going to Cuba in June and I would like to know if SKYPE can be used there.

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