Can you help with info on cancer treatment centers in Cuba?

Question: My wife has had breast cancer which has now turned to bone cancer. I understand that Cuba has cancer treatment centers (hospitals). Can you supply me with names and email addresses?

Answer: The main cancer centre in Cuba is the Havana-based Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología. In addition to having an outstanding record in cancer-based research, treatment and indeed prevention, this hospital is also incorporated into Cuba’s program of Turismo de Salud (Health Tourism), which facilitates overseas patients receiving care.

To contact Turismo de Salud at the above Hospital, send an email to the director of this department, Dr. José Andres López Losada, at [email protected] In the subject line, be sure to put “para Dr. Losada, jefe, Turismo de Salud “. His direct phone number (office) is (537) 832-2202, should you wish to speak with him in person. He will indicate what information you need to send so that the Hospital can assess if they think they’ll be able to assist your wife’s health condition. Below is the address of the Hospital:

Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología

Calle 29

Esquina a F (esquina = corner)

Vedado – Municipio Plaza,

Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Research carried out by the Instituto de Oncología y Radiobiología has included the development of the monoclonal antibody that recognizes and identifies the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus Ior-HPV1 associated with the appearance of malignant cells and cervical uterine cancer. This antibody enables a fast and accurate diagnosis in screening.

Another study has been done on breast cancer families, enabling the characterization of the gene mutations causing this hereditary cancer and the creation of a Breast Cancer Family Registry in Cuba. Understanding the genetic base of breast cancer can help in identifying the specific cellular mutations responsible for its transmission and ways to prevent this.

More recent studies relate to breast cancer and gene-expression elements that may produce resistance to oncological drugs, as well as studies on prostate cancer.

Recently, the Instituto has undergone major renovation and reconstruction (almost complete), financed by the state, to make it more modern, more comfortable for patients, and outfitted with updated technology.

48 thoughts on “Can you help with info on cancer treatment centers in Cuba?

  • Cuba is still on the same level at the USA in terms of cancer treatment in that the mainstay of their treatment still revolves around allopathic procedures—chemo, radiation, etc. I do not think it has an established treatment center which deal with the full person and the cutting edge of “Alternative” or Natural treatment. (But if they do, please let ME know.)

    The reason I am on this board to begin with is because I am contemplating setting up such a natural treatment center in Cuba, if that is at all possible.

    The best natural route involves a complete remineralization of the body, balancing the pH, removing deep-seated toxins, use of natural estrogen binders (such as the lignans found in flaxseed), and use of the Budwig Protocol, as well as pancreatic enzymes (as per the Kelley approach). Best, however, to find someone skilled in the art and who can guide you through the seeming maze.

    J Star
    unity10 (at) aol . com

  • Hi Thank you for sharing the information.

    My mother has breast cancer, a mastectomy was perfomed on Dec 5 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya

    We were looking into doing chemotherapy in Cuba. However, we are unable to get any response from the infomation you have provided above.

    Kindly, could you please privide me with more details/options for my mother?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi my beloved aunty is suffering about lungs and bones cancer.
      I would luke to know please where she can consult the best oncologist and get the vaccine in Europe since she lives close to Milan in Italy.thank you very much my email address is [email protected]

  • Hi,
    Could you have some address of Oncology Hospital for melanoma treatment with new medicine (vaccine)?
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards

    • Majda,

      Good morning. Melanoma is very treatable by using Ultraviolet Light. ATI LIghting is looking for a good cancer hospital or university to test our ultraviolet light. We have recent testing from an accredited Laboritory in Australia. Ultravilet Light was used to treat many viruses and bacteria infections in the 1920’s – 1940’s. Our UV light is equal to that light of many years ago.

  • Hi My brother has has been diagnosed with cancer on his liver and pancreas You think you could help us

  • hi ,.. can you treat a patient with prostate cancer advance stage ? where is the best hospital in cuba that can treat prostate cancer , even by means of natural or alternative medicine?, anything as long as he can be treated and cured..thank you

    • We were told that you should write the Cira Garcia Clinic in Havana at [email protected] The message should be directed to María Antonieta González Piloto who is the assistant director of the clinic. You should explain the situation and what you are seeking. They recommend you attach a summary of the clinical history of the patient and the steps that have been taken. Once received, it should be two or three days until you get a reply. There are a group of three doctors that receive the e-mails and pass them on to where they should go.

      Please let us know afterwards if you inquiry is satisfied.
      Best regards, Circles Robinson, editor, HT

  • Hello, my sister was diagnosed with neuroendocrine carcinoma in the lung and liver back in dec 2010, she has gone under chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Right now due to the weakness shes presenting doctors dont want to continue with chemotherapy. She has polymiositis and her liver functions are high. Is there any hospital in Cuba that can offer her any sort of treatment either alternative, chemotherapy or natural ?? Thank you.

  • Hello My father was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer on July 27th 2012. How can we bring him to Cuba for treatment and How much does it cost? Please let me know.

  • Dr.
    My girl 52 years old has had breast cancer and had it removed and later replaced and than cancer set in again
    She has had treatments and they now advise her that they can do no more-I have heard that Cuba has very good cancer treatment clinics-Do you think that you can help-We are prepared to come to Cuba and have you examin her-There are planes leaving daily to Havana-Thanking you for a early reply
    Harry Budnick

    • Cuanto te extraño!

  • Hace aproximadamente un mes envié mi expediente clinico a jaminor… Dr. Losada. Padezco de metástasis en los pulmones, con antecedente cancer de mama, del cual ya fui tratada, ahora mi problema es la metástais quisiera que me respondieran si pueden ayudarme ayua en Cuba, anhelo ser tratada. se que hay una vacuna contra el cancer de pulmones y además tienen mucha experiencia y se que son los mejores en ese tipo tratamientos contra el cancer. Espero una respuesta, la metástasis avanza. Atentamente;
    Nereyda Soberanis, 58 años de edad, guatemalteca C.A.
    Tel. (502) 41224613.

  • Hello my friend has been diagnose with cancer in the brain which is at a serious stage can you help me with oncologist in cuba who can help him please. He is only 27 years old and has a family to take care of . Please nelp me.

    • Did you get an answer on this? My Dad got Glioblastoma last September. Worked with an amazing dr in Mississauga Canada. So far so good. Dr. Dodd is his name. Best of luck to your friend.

  • good morning my name is David I would like to know where in cuba you can get new treatment for cancer using vidatox using the blue scorpion venom .Coming to cuba where can i get this.Please let me know. I appreciate whatever you can do. THANK YOU

    • The international pharmacies in Havana are selling it for 204 CUC (around 230 USD).

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  • My Brother was given 14 months to live when the Doctor finds out that his body cannot take Chemo anymore. ever since then, the family have been in pain knowing that they where going to loose a precious son that was just 23 years old to Cancer of the lungs. my mother did a lot of research when she found out that cannabis oil was the cure all medication for cancerous diseases, that was highly guaranteed to cure all cancers and other various diseases. my mother bought the Hemp oil for my brother and he has just completed his treatment 3 weeks back. his latest test result indicated that his cancer has been gone without a single trace in his system. Thanks to Rick Simpson and Thomas Kelvin where the Hemp oil was purchase. For all those suffering from cancer and other various diseases with no where left to go, contact Thomas at: [email protected] and purchase your cannabis oil.
    This really is a miracle to the new generation. Bikini

  • I just need some help. All stories are heart breaking. My brother got prostate cancer and it is in the last stage. He cannot eat anything and been screaming from severe pain. I wish, I find a kind hearted Dr. in here who can see all reports and test results of my beloved brother and to help me out with any findings. Kindly contact me.

  • 21 years old Masha Govorova from Poltava, Ukraine was
    diagnosed with lung cancer on May 27,2013. She was treated (chemotherapy ) at
    Kiev Institute of Cancer, unsuccessfully so, her health has deteriorated
    rapidly. On the July 21 Masha was transferred to Meir Medical Centre in Israel.
    The estimated cost of treatment is $140,000. Her family have raised nearly
    $24,000 -only a fraction of the total cost. She needs our help.

    Updates on Masha (Russian)

    English site

    Please, Help.

  • My brother inlaw is my best friend he have liver cancer a little masse located under the two big tube the one let get in and the one let go out the masse is the size of a quarter (25 cents) this masse was blocking those two veinnes they bypass those two veinnes but something can be done to take care of this masse
    thank you

  • Hello, My father is 71 years old. He has been
    struggling with acute myeloid leukemia ( AML ) cancer. In 2012 and 2014 he took
    chemotherapy. But the last time he got worse. Now he is still taking MDS
    treatment ( injecting from his muscles ). Before I came to Havana, I want to
    communicate with a doctor about
    alternative treatments. Could you please help me, could you please share me a
    contact name for that issue. I will afford all treatment expenses. By the way I will be there on 5th of December 2015.

  • Does anyone know of a cancer trial in Cuba that was done in the past with tannic acid from the banana sap ? Or if there is any clinic that is still doing this treatment ?

  • Hi, I try to send an email to this email address [email protected] but it comes back undelivered. Can somebody please help me why???

  • Where can I buy this cannabis oil a.s.a.p??

  • My father in law is suffering from stomach biopsy cancer and I want to bring him cuba for treatment can you help me to how contact and email all reports to cuba hospital and as soon as possible they reply me plz and tnx

    • I had breast cancer and it metestised into my spinal cord and now in the lung and liver. I was on several chemo therapy
      But my body stopped responding. Now I am advised of biological treatment but it is too expensive cannot afford it. It is called Ibrance. Can you advise

  • Heartbreaking, these desperate people! Cuba should invest heavily in the research of a cure for Cancer. Everyone will want to come to Cuba for treatment!

  • How to get the veccin in India please help brother is a pesient of goll bloder melegnency.(azino carsima) he take cemotherapy 3 cycle
    From kazi Nazim Uddin
    West Bengal India mob +919775751815

  • How I can get the vaccine in India help me

  • I wanna this vaccine.. But i’m not able with… Plz sent me your address….plz

  • Respected Sir / Madam

    My sister is suffering hodgking lymphoma please save her life she just 25 years . your kind co-operation will be save her life i am from India . please guide me i want move in your country . please inform me what the cost of treatment as per INR .

  • Please inform me how I can order for cannabis oil.

  • I have needed treatment for ovarian cancer as soon as possible…

  • I am a patient of metastatic adinocarcinoma from plural and pericardil fluid. Can l use it? How can l get this ?

  • Por favor me podría decir la dirección en cuba para el tratamiento de la vacuna para el cancer mi hermano tiene un tumor el la espina dorsal y si puede ser tratado y el costo gracias

  • can you get treatment for ear canal cancer in Cuba. please share information to which hospital and how much $ are the treatment approximately?

    thank you.

  • Dear Sir/Madam;

    I’m Hung from Viet Nam. I heard that Cuba have a lot of medicine and good Doctors. My father have Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In Viet Nam, we try many solutions(corticosteroid treatment…) to fix his ill but the ITP index still under 10.

    My father is soldier and he is a good person. Please help me and sent me any information about ITP if your country have solutions to fix it.

    My email: [email protected]

    Best Regards,

  • Hi my brother is very keen on coming to Cuba for prostate cancer treatment. Can you pls advise us to what we need and treatment costs . He was cleared but it came back few years later.
    Also what kind of treatment is offered over there .
    Kind regards

  • On January the 4th of 2019 doctors removed upper lobe of left lung,it did not however remove all cancer .I was left with micro cancer cells outside the removed lobe.I am currently under going chemo which is making me very sick,even with all the meds they are giving me,they have already cancelled 3 treatments.If I were to be a candidate I have lots of questions,How many treatments,does a person remain in clinic during treatments,approx.cost and what other information is needed by you?Thank you .

  • Hello,

    I want to take my mam to Cuba for treatment for her cancer, as soon as possible. Do you know the best institute or medical center for cancer in Cuba?
    Can you give me the Phone number and adress or the dr name etc please?

    Thank you

  • I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime last year also had a surgery but still have excruciating pains on my back and inability to walk perfectly well. I want to come over for treatment if you furnish me with your cost.


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