Cuban Swimmer Hanser Garcia Remains Among the Elite

HAVANA TIMES — The performance of Cuban swimmer Hanser Garcia culminated this past Sunday with his winning seventh place in the 100 meters freestyle race of the World Cup short course swimming pool competition, being held in natation facilities of the Sinan Erdem Arena in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The Caribbean athlete was noted as being among the elite swimmers in the world after completing the course with a time of 47.19 seconds (improving on his national record of 47.28), earned in the semi-finals phase, according to the event’s official website.

With this result, the freestyler crowns off a magnificent season in which he won a gold medal, three silvers and a bronze at the tournaments in Mare Nostrum and Sette Colli in Italy. In addition, he was included in the two most important finals of the 100 meter race: in London (48.04 seconds) and Istanbul (47.19 seconds).