Galeano’s “Upside Down” Cuban edition

HAVANA TIMES, June 19 – A Cuban edition of Eduardo Galeano’s book of vignettes “Patas arribas. La escuela del mundo al reves,” will be presented this Saturday by the Cuban Book Institute, reported the local press.

The book is available in English internationally under the title “Upside down: a Primer for the Looking-Glass World.”

Galeano, a much published Uruguayan author, gained best seller status when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave Barack Obama a copy of his classic “The Open Veins of Latin America” at the Americas Summit in Trinidad and Tobago last April.

One thought on “Galeano’s “Upside Down” Cuban edition

  • Once again thanks for this,. Anything by Galeano is worth the cost.
    Lately i have come across in DC an old volume of poems by Neruda which i snatched and i keep asking myself where have i been?, i thought that i had all of Neruda writings. Now i will focus on Galeano
    I return to Cuba next week preparing for thr festivals with the Dominicans and later Black August. My plans are to remain in Cuba for as long as allowed.

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