How can I get from Havana Vieja to Cayo Levisa ferry station?

Question: I will be traveling to Cuba in January and would like to know how I can find someone to drive us (2 persons) from Havana Vieja to the ferry station for Cayo Levisa?
And… an estimate $ on the ride?

Answer: Located on the north shore of Pinar del Rio Province, Cayo Levisa is a secluded islet with three kilometers of beach, a small resort consisting of individual oceanfront bungalows, and 23 diving sites on a beautiful coral reef just 100 meters away from shore.

To reach Cayo Levisa from Havana, there are two options: renting a car, or taking a state-operated taxi. There used to be a tourist bus but this has been discontinued. Cubataxi, the country’s largest taxi company, charges CUC 69 for the one-way trip, which takes approximately three hours from the capital. In Havana, Cubataxi’s telephone number is 855-5555.

The taxi takes you to the small Palma Rubia sea port, where there is a return boat transfer from the mainland to Cayo Levisa. The boat leaves daily at 10am and 6pm (out of Cayo Levisa at 9am and 5pm). The transfer, which takes about thirty minutes, is provided as a courtesy for guests of the hotel. There is a modest charge for others. If you take a taxi, you would be well-advised to make arrangements for the taxi to pick you up on your return, as there is no taxi stand at the sea port for transport back to Havana or elsewhere.