How can I import Biofertilizers to Canada from Cuba?

Question: I live in Canada and am seeking a business relationship with a Cuban firm that can supply me with Biofertilizers and Biostimulants for import to Canada.

Answer: To explore the possibility of importing agriculturally-based products from Cuba, there are two options:

• Contact the Cuban Cámara de Comercio (Chamber of Commerce), or
• Contact the commercial counsellor at the Cuban Embassy within your country.

The Chamber of Commerce has a website at but it appears to exist only in Spanish. On the left hand side of the home page, under Información (Information), there is a section entitled Para negociar con Cuba (To do business with Cuba). On this page are listed the different steps, as well as an email address where one can obtain more information – [email protected]

The full contact information for the Cámara de Comercio is listed below:

Cámara de Comercio
Calle 21, No. 661
Esquina a Calle A (corner of Calle A)
El Vedado – Municipio Plaza
Ciudad de La Habana

Telephones: (537) 838-1321 / 1322 / 1324
(537) 838-1452 / 838-1931, Ext. 238, 241
Fax (537) 833-3042
Open: Monday to Friday 8:30am-3pm

The above website has a link to another site called CEPEC – Centro para la Promoción del Comercio Exterior de Cuba (Foreign Trade Promotion Centre of Cuba). One can also access this site directly at which exists in both Spanish and English.

Although this site appears to be mainly directly towards Cuban exporters, it may be able to provide some useful information about importing Cuban agricultural products. Their contact information and email addresses are listed below

CEPEC (Centro para la Promoción del Comercio Exterior de Cuba)
Infanta No. 16
Esquina a 23, 2do piso (corner of 23, second floor)
El Vedado-Municipio Plaza
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Telephones: (537) 838-0428 / 0425 / 0460
Fax: (537) 833-2220
Emails: [email protected] [email protected]

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  • Hi,
    we are travelling to your lovely country next week and have found your website wonderful. Undoubtably the best resource we have found. thank you so much and keep up the good work. We are visiting from the 20th April 2011 to the 5th May. if there are any special “must see / must do” things that you think would be of interest – your suggestions would be most welcome,
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  • My son is going to graduate this May of high school. He is intereting to participate in the baseball academies in Cuba. How I can get information and to whom ican contact. Your help is really appreciated.

  • You shouldn’t have trouble getting tickets. There are usually a certain number available in CUC (the hard currency) before the game. Let us know a few days before you leave for Cuba when we will know who is playing where.

  • We are visiting Cuba in April and would like to see a baseball game. We know that it is playoff season as well. Can you please help us in obtaining tickets?
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