Is public transportation readily available?

Public transport options include buses (much improved now due to the many new buses purchased from China and other countries, with seating only guaranteed if you’re boarding at the first stop, (although pregnant women and people with special abilities have preferential seating at the front of the buses. There are also state taxis that most tourists use and charge in CUCs and private, usually for regular pesos and mainly for Cubans, bicitaxis, little yellow motorized three-wheeled yellow (coco taxis) etc.

There are also a number of different Cuban car rental agencies. One of the best is Cubacar, which is the largest in the country and has rental points around the country.

For bus transport between provinces, the best option is Viazul, which has tourist?quality buses (with an on-board toilet) that go between Cuba’s main urban centers and tourist areas. In Havana, the Viazul terminal is located at Avenida 26 y Zoologico, Nuevo Vedado (just in front of the entrance to the City Zoo), Telephones (537) 881?1413, 881?5652 and 881?1108. Viazul also has a terminal in Varadero (36 y Autopista, Telephone (53-45) 614886 with transportation to Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and, with stops at points in between, all the way to Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa (Guantanamo Province). There is a Viazul bus from the Varadero airport to Havana.

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