Is there a storm alert in Cuba for mid November?

Question: We are a group of 25 persons planning to be in Cuba from Nov. 19th till the 29th 2011.  But we heard that there’s a Storm alert in Cuba mid-November.  Is it True?  Is it risky to be in Cuba on those dates?  We really want beautiful weather in order to enjoy beautiful Cuba to the max!  Thank you in advance for your answer.

Answer: There is no reliable weather forecaster making predictions for storms in the last half of November much less calling an alert.  The weather is usually pleasantly mild during that time of the year.  Nonetheless, Cuba cannot guarantee you perfect weather for the days your group will be there.  As in your country a storm can develop over a few days or a week.  You can check the weekly forecasts in Havana Times published each Wednesday.  Our suggestion: just go and enjoy.

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