Is Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Available in Cuba?

Question: I wonder could you please advise me if they treat pancreatic cancer in Cuba?  My father in-law is Cuban but living in Ireland and he has recently been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer that has also spread to the liver.  He would like to get his treatment in Cuba but we cannot find out if they have the treatment for this type of cancer.  He is originally from Camaguey and would love to spend his last days on this earth with this family there.  I would be very grateful if you could give me any information. Thanks, Sarah

Answer: Dear Sarah, we were told that you should write the Cira Garcia Clinic in Havana at [email protected] The message should be directed to María Antonieta González Piloto who is the assistant director of the clinic. You should explain the situation and what you are seeking. They recommend you attach a summary of the clinical history of the patient and the steps that have been taken. Once received, it should be two or three days until you get a reply. There are a group of three doctors that receive the e-mails and pass them on to where they should go.

Please let us know afterwards if you inquiry is satisfied.

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