Proposal to Help the Cuban People

By amending custom tariffs for in times of natural disasters


HAVANA TIMES — As a result of the serious damage that Hurricane Irma has inflicted on our country’s infrastructure, it’s imperative that the government keep the Cuban people’s needs in mind. A people who have also suffered great damage and losses and aren’t in a position to wait for however long it takes for the foundations of the Cuban economy to recover.

Therefore, I am proposing the following solutions which might be able to help those most affected, the Cuban people, and the country will move forward much faster for things to return to normal.

First problem: Housing

The government entity responsible for administrating building materials has been affected and the resources it has are being allocated to the State’s top priority: recovering the tourism and other industrial sectors. Therefore, the Cuban people will need to wait sometime before they are able to repair their homes.

Immediate solution:

Have customs make tax exempt building material and miscellaneous imports so that the Cuban people can receive these from their relatives or friends directly. This will be one less burden for the Cuban State and it will save national resources which can then be allocated to other priorities.

Second problem: Food

This sector was severely affected as a result of strong hurricane winds, and so recovering agricultural infrastructure will take some time. I think that it would be wise for the government to enact an order so that Cuban Customs can waive tariffs on food imports too, on products such as meat, cooking oils, grains and cereals.

Third problem: The country’s health and sanitation situation

Cuba is a country that has a high number of diabetic people, people with high blood pressure and others who suffer from other diseases which can be relieved with medicine. Therefore, the need to receive resources through many different channels to improve the current situation in the country is much-needed.


It should be the Cuban government’s priority to use its media channels to disseminate messages that inform both the Cuban people living in Cuba and abroad, that they can receive all the medicines they need by post and free from taxes.

Here are some of the medicines that would be of great help:

– Diuretics and anti-depressants for high blood pressure.
– Anticoagulants for blood circulation.
– Vitamins to strengthen people’s nutritional intake and immune systems.
– Tools to control and measure blood glucose.
– Antihistamines to control allergic reactions that are triggered by the environment.
– All kinds of medicines which alleviate pain: post-operation trauma, migraines, etc.
– First aid kits.

Luis Rondón

Luis Rondon Paz: Activist, Queer, computer scientist, actor, photographer, student and apprentice journalist. Originally from Santiago de Cuba. I believe that people are life projects in constant transformation. I am consistent and responsible for my actions, committed to just causes and a lover of good deeds. Today I write about Cuba in exile, free of psychological torture and persecution of the Cuban dictatorship.

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  • How unfortunate the Cuban government rejected the licenses approved by the US government for 3 ferries to sail from Florida ports to Cuba. If these ferries were operating today, we could be sending much to families and friends. As it is now, we can only transport what we can check as baggage on passenger flights from the US. With a ferry, I would be sending mattresses and a new refrigerator compressor to get my family’s flooded casa particular back open for business. Instead they are out of business until the dysfunctional Cuban supply system, both legal and in the street, has those available.

  • Does NJT still deal with Cuba? I thought they had given up….

  • “… Have customs make tax exempt building material and miscellaneous imports so that the Cuban people can receive these from their relatives or friends directly…


  • Hey, I’m going there on Friday morning. I’m in Chicago. I’d love to help.

  • An organization in Canada called “Not Just Tourists” can provide suitcases full of medical supplies for people to take with them when they travel to Cuba or other countries. Here is a link to their website:

  • The Dubois Charitable Foundation is located in SW Ontario.

  • I’m in Canada and would like to help out. What charitable foundations could people of Canada are available to help the Cuban people out?

  • I agree and fully support your views. Thanks!

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