The FBI Arrested the Wrong Men

All photos by Bill Hackwell except where credited otherwise

Instead of detaining the terrorists, the FBI arrested the informers who had infiltrated the Miami-based terrorist groups to gather information on their next attacks.

Miami, Dec. 2001 - Courtroom artist sells rights of her drawings of the sentencing hearing for the Cuban 5 to Miami media.

Miami, Dec. 2001 - Courtroom drawings of the sentencing hearing for the Cuban 5 being filmed by Miami media.

Victorville, CA - The sister and nephew of Gerardo Hernandez wait for visiting days at the Victorville Federal Penitentiary.

Dec. 10, 2001, Miami - The four living mothers of the Cuban 5 come to Miami to attend the sentencing of their sons to long prison terms. During their time in Miami they are hounded by the media there.

Miami - Rene Gonzalez and his wife Olga Salanueva and their daughter Ivette prior to Rene's arrest in 1998. Photographer: unknown