What are the bus options from Varadero to Havana?

Question: I want very much to travel from Varadero to Havana. I do not want to take the bus system nor can I afford the taxi system. Is it possible for me to purchase this service privately?

Answer: The best option for travel from Varadero to Havana is, in fact, by bus using the Cuban company Viazul. Buses are tourist-quality (with an on-board toilet) and are also the most economical way to travel between Cuba’s main urban centres and tourist areas around the country.

Viazul has a terminal in Varadero (36 y Autopista, Telephone [53-45] 614886) with transportation to and from Havana (three times daily), Trinidad, Cienfuegos, and, with stops at points in between, all the way to Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa (Guantanamo Province). There is also a Viazul bus from the Varadero airport to Havana.

In Havana, the Viazul terminal is located at Avenida 26 y Zoologico, Nuevo Vedado (just in front of the entrance to the City Zoo), Telephones (537) 881?1413, 881?5652 and 881?1108.

The cost of a one-way Viazul bus ticket from Varadero to Havana is CUC 10 and the trip takes between two and a half to three hours.

Additional information can be found on the Viazul website, which appears to exist only in Spanish, at either www.viazul.com orwww.viazul.cu

If you want to arrange private transport, you will have to make these arrangements yourself. Be aware, though, the rates tend to be more expensive than either Viazul or state taxis.

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  • bus varadero to havana is now 4 x daily. a good and cheap option for those staying in varadero and like to visit the capital for a day or stay overnight and return then to your resort

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