What options are there to stay in Cuba for several months?

Question: I have visited your very wonderful country many years ago and wish to visit it again this autumn period, 2010. I am interested to live in Cuba for 2 to 4 months or more, if legal. Could you please suggest a good way to find a place to live for this long period, probably casas particulares.

Answer: If you do a google search on “List of casas particulares in Cuba”, you will find a long list of sites that provide information on a very wide range of homestay rentals all over the country. Information often includes an image, details of what’s available, cost and contact information. In some cases, bookings can be made online. At the bottom of the google page you will also find suggestions for related searches.

As well, many standard guide books to Cuba are now listing selected casas particulares around the country, including details and contact information.

Your third option is simply to come to Cuba and search out your own ideal casa particular for a long-term stay. Whereas the nightly rate often ranges between CUC 25-30 for shorter-term stays, when one is planning to stay for a month or longer, a lower price can be negotiated.

Note: You will find additional information about homestays in Cuba under the question Any tips about the “Casa Particular” home stays?

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  • I have friends in Cuba, and al I need to do is pay 40pesos to the immigration, and I can stay with my friends in their own house.

  • So if I read you correctly…I can go to cuba for 3 months and get a 3 month extension???

  • Try this new website (extendedstaycuba.com) that offers long term stays for a good price

  • Villa Armonía Tarará is a perfect place with houses facing the ocean for app 100 USD x 2 rooms house x night
    Aparthotel Las Terrazas in Playas del este is cheaper though lower quality
    Marazul in Varadero if you stay more than 21 nights
    There is also the option of a casa particular, here is one choice for like 70 USD x night with a small pool, 2 rooms with private bathroom and totally private… see extendedstaycuba.com website for details

  • Ya, the secret to living well (legally) as a visitor is to register as a student. That student card is gold!

  • Yea, your best option is a casa. Sometimes you can find a private apartment to rent as well, but often these are casas where the owner of the home has elsewhere to stay while they rent your their entire flat. Casas, a room or a whole apartment, can be rented for several months at a time and yes…you can often negotiate a lower price. But keep in mind that all casas are charged a flat tax for renting one or two rooms (around 150-250cuc/room/months)…so they may not be willing to go too low. I’ve found legal licenced casas for about 500-600/month for the whole month or 20/night.

    A good option for staying in Cuba legally for several months is studying at the University of Havana. You can stay for as many months as you are studying. Otherwise, if you are on a tourist visa you are limited to 6 months if you are Canadian (3 months + 3 month extension) or 2 months for all other nationalities (30 days + additional 30 day extension).

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