Havana Weather for June 1-7

Havana photo by Juan Suarez

Showers, rain and thunderstorms…

By Adrian Fuentes

HAVANA TIMES – Showers and electrical storms continue to develop over Havana, due to the influence of a trough in the upper levels located over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The southwesterly flow ahead of the trough is helping to transport abundant tropical moisture from the eastern Pacific region through Central America to the northwestern Caribbean. Local heavy rains have been reported in parts of Cuba, with an amount of rain of about 70 mm (3 in.) in Havana in just three hours. Abundant moisture will persist in this area, keeping the probability of showers and thunderstorms high.

The winds will be mainly from the southwest, with speeds between 15 and 30 km/h, with higher gusts associated with the convective activity in the area. The relative humidity will be between 90% and 100%. The high temperatures will be between 29 and 31ºC (84 and 88 F) and the lows between 21 and 24ºC (70 and 75 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26ºC (79 F).

A 1008 mb low has developed over the NE gulf, with a trough extending from the center of the low. A band of showers and thunderstorms is associated with this trough, and intensified showers and thunderstorms are expected over most of the region today through Friday. Environmental conditions appear favorable for slow development over the next two days as the system meanders over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

However, by this weekend, conditions are expected to become unfavorable for further development as the system moves southeast. Regardless of development, the system could produce heavy rain and gusty winds in parts of Havana this weekend.

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