Che Guevara Was Not a Fan of Honors

Thousands of people who believe in revolutions but lack a living, honest leader will travel to Vallegrande, Bolivia to be there on Monday October 9th. On Sunday night, the Bolivian President will lavish a privileged group of guests who instead of turning down this expense, will go ready to down sumptuous dinners, exquisite wines and alcoholic drinks, parties, hotels, appearances and everything that Che precisely fought against…

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The Sickle and the Diamond. Convertible Pesos and Beliefs

I don’t know how it must have been in China, but the phenomenon of a new wealthy class within what is still an “egalitarian” socialist Cuba, greatly resembles what happened in Russia. Generals, historic revolutionaries and their descendants make up the new stock of power, who are responsible for representing the new jet set class and of carrying the weight of swollen coffers of gold.

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Cuba Takes Some New Steps Backwards

It’s impossible to explain why the government has shut the doors to the possibility of entrepreneurship, imagination, creativity, inventions that benefit the country, all of our society. They must be suspicious about just how quickly Cubans jump at the opportunity to work with real benefits and maybe they have all the reason to be so from their point of view.

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