My First Enconter Live with Santeria

Last weekend while looking for a new place to study and trying to come up for a topic to write about I stumbled upon a group of three people dressed in white. They were standing at the beginning of a small ledger. One was singing and hitting a little drum, the other was what to the uneducated eye looked like performing a cleanse on the third. As I looked at them I realized this was the first time I had seen Santeria being performed.


Before arriving to the island, I distinctly remember being told, “Cuba puts you in another level field. You come to find the world in the island” and as I sat in a room full of Latin-American left winged guerrilleros those words echoed in my head.

Wireless Positivity

Sometimes it is hard to focus on the good. When people ask for feedback most often than not they get a list of the things they should improve upon. Living in Cuba and experiencing the life of the everyday Cuban can have the same consequence. However, on this blog I would like to always remain in a positive light in some sort of way.

Six Months

At first the idea seemed like a waste of time. School was already going to be six years long, why deny it any longer? But as the semester progressed and time away from my home country elongated those six months looked like glory.