A Story of Friends and Coffee

While I keep an eye on the coffee maker so it doesn’t explode, I think of Todd Carmichael, the coffee sourcer and his Dangerous Grounds show.

Online Concerts and Cuba

Every day, I hear on the radio or the TV that a Cuban musician gave or is going to give a concert online. However, I have no way to access.

Everyday Absurdities in Cuba

Let me tell you about some of the absurd things that are happening in my country. Some are beyond belief and others simply incredible.

Rice Is Filling, but…

Today, couples in Cuba go to bed thinking about what they’re going to eat the next day. When they awake that’s the first topic of conversation.

Cubans and Masks

When I go outside every morning, I run into lots of people I know, all of them hiding behind their masks. We compliment the masks we wear.

Eco Plus, a Very Cuban Exhibition

The artist includes sea fans, seashells, stones and plant fibers with which he summons us to protect and care for nature. Open until Dec. 16.

Shameful Blackouts in Cuba

Cuba has a long history of blackouts. When I was a little girl, blackouts were so common that nobody used to question them.

A Childish Adventure in Cojimar

In the town I grew up in, Cojimar, there is a house/farm known as Fidel’s house. The story goes that Fidel was given this house before 1959.