It All Begins January 1st

The TV News finally ended. Then, the much-anticipated appearance came. There was Miguel Diaz-Canel sitting next to Raul Castro.

Not So Proud to Be a Cuban

How can I be proud to be Cuban when I belong to a people who let their rights get snatched away over 60 years ago.

Living with Rats

It’s a sad thing to say, but rats, these unwanted rodents and vectors of many diseases, have been an inescapable part of my life…

The Decline of Viñales, Cuba

Viñales is a municipality in the central part of Pinar del Rio province. It’s been a big tourist destination for decades. But today…

Going Hungry in Cuba

Everybody knows that rice is the main staple of the Cuban diet. Although somebody [Diaz-Canel] ridiculously said that lemons are the staple.