Cuban Government’s Stance on the Hamas’ Attack of Israel

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry on the events in Israel and Gaza.

By Pedro Pablo Morejon

HAVANA TIMES. As you all know, the state of Israel suffered the most violent and devastating attack in recent decades, on Saturday October 7th.

In an unprecedented event, the terrorist group Hamas launched thousands of missiles from the Gaza Strip and hundreds of militants entered Israeli territory, massacring every human being in their path, killing over a thousand people and injuring thousands more.

Terrifying images broadcast by international media show a pile of corpses in different places in southern Israel. A video shows Hamas militants storm a festival in the Neguev desert, killing and taking participants hostage, while many of these festival-goers fled in horror.

All of the above, as well as the terrorist nature of the militia that oppose Israel, prove how vulnerable Israel’s intelligence system is as it was taken by surprise and couldn’t prevent such an attack.

Israel’s response came swiftly, as you’d expect. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Hamas would pay dearly for its actions and declared war against this extremist group.

The Israeli Army immediately began to bomb Hamas targets, which have resulted in the deaths of almost a thousand innocent civilians, which is what normally happens in these situations.

But the Palestinian people in Gaza are a victim of the Hamas Party, on the one hand, which rules this Strip with a reign of terror, and is also a victim of Israel’s ruthless reprisals whenever the Islamists attack, on the other.

May God free the Palestinians of their oppressors one day, get them out of poverty and have them living under a democratic system, in peace and harmony with their Jewish neighbor. But we all know that the hypothetical Allah or Judeo-Christian God, which is the same thing at the end of the day, is blind, deaf, and mute to humanity’s injustices.

Within this context, the terrorist group Hezbollah – which has been operating in southern Lebanon -, launched attacks on northern Israel which, according to its statements, were in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, thereby joining this war that is already spreading across Israel’s borders and threatens to extend across the Middle East.

But what is the Cuban dictatorship’s stance on these events? Naturally, the Ministry of Foreign Relations issued a statement expressing its hypocritical “grave concern” for the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine and claims that this is all a consequence of Israel violating the Palestinian people’s “inalienable rights” for 75 years, and its aggressive and expansionist policy. It also accuses the US of being an accomplice, because of its support for Israel.

That’s to say, it doesn’t condemn Hamas’ terrorist attacks at any moment, as well as the deaths of over 1000 innocent Jews and foreigners who live or were visiting the country at the time of the attack.

The government’s press, the PCC (Cuban Communist Party) megaphone, is sticking to the same rhetoric of abstaining from condemning these crimes and is blaming the State of Israel for the events unfolding, a state that is the only democracy in the Middle East – it has to be said -, which Islamic extremist groups dream of completely annihilating and killing anything that whiffs of Judaism.

That’s because, within global geopolitics, the Cuban people – just like the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank – are being kidnapped by a dictatorial regime that joins and supports the most terrible causes of humanity, all of which go against the West and democratic values.

As we are all aware, they are firm allies of any terrorist and anti-US/ Western movement there is or appears, like in this case, and of every dictatorship that exists today, for example, Russia, China, North Korea, Belarus, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria and Iran. The latter is directly involved in the events unfolding.

That’s why they haven’t condemned Hamas, or Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. There’s a good reason Cuba is on the list of states that sponsor terrorism, and it’s exactly where it should be.

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