Fanatics Are the Most Dangerous People

By Pedro Pablo Morejon

HAVANA TIMES – I watch him pass by with his stained shirt and over 10 medals on his chest, which he proudly shows off. It’s a man who must be over 80 judging by his appearance and how he walks slowly and with difficulty.

He fought in the wars for his Revolution in Cuba and in foreign countries. I guess that he must be coming from some kind of activity at the so-called Association of Combatants for October 28th, the day of the year when the regime puts on one of its normal shows with children throwing flowers for a hero that doesn’t exist, a Camilo Cienfuegos blurred by propaganda.

He’s a man that I’m sure has caused a lot of harm to his fellow man, more out of conviction rather than opportunism maybe. A fanatic.

Fanatics are the most dangerous people of the human race, owners of the absolute truth, with a Manichean view of the world, where there are only two colors: black and white, where people are divided into the good and bad.

Individuals like this can commit the worst atrocities in the name of “justice”, they believe they are good incarnated and are almost always led and manipulated by the same-old tyrants and opportunists.

In life, you find many fanatics carrying out evil of varying degrees, that range from Hamas terrorists (one of them called his family in Gaza after killing Israeli civilians, including children, using one of his victims’ phones so that he could jubilantly give them the great news that he’d killed ten Jews. He posted a picture on WhatsApp with their corpses and his parents were proud of their son), to the half-stupid woman who tried to impose her faith on me a few days ago, without bad faith, but with no other argument than “this is what the Bible says” and that’s enough for her.

Fanatics are Jehovah Witnesses who are willing to commit fratricide by default because they are against their sick family members getting blood transfusions, based on an abhorrent interpretation of Leviticus 17.14 of the Bible.

Che Guevara was a fanatic who said: “The intransigent hatred for the enemy that takes one beyond the natural limitations of a human being and converts one into an effective, violent, selective, cold killing machine.” We already know everything he did.

Lots of Latin Americans are fanatics who still revere a criminal like Pablo Escobar, today. That’s the way we are, we adore criminals, dictators, and thieving politicians whom we elect, so it’s no wonder that drug trafficking series have such a huge TV audience in our countries.

Fanatics are radical feminists with their misandry, their cynical victimism and anti-capitalist rhetoric. You can see them at protests baring their naked breasts and even their bodies, with their cultist language, condemning what they call the heteropatriarchy. I’d like to see them in Iran to see if they’d enjoy the same freedom they get from the system they insult so much.

I’ll stop here because the list is never-ending.

Well anyway, going back to the man in question… I’ve known him ever since I was a teenager. He used to visit my late uncle who was his neighbor and he’d boast about being a tough guy.

But he looks quite weak, abandoned, miserable and maybe not so hated like before, stirring a confusing combination of emotions that range from scorn to compassion. A sad sight.

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3 thoughts on “Fanatics Are the Most Dangerous People

  • Fanatics see only one side of the coin

  • Sooke says: “There is something seriously wrong with the people of Gaza – starting with the fact that in 2005, they voted for a terrorist organization to represent them.”

    Flip that statement around a bit and put some recent history behind it.

    There is something seriously wrong with the people of Cuba – starting with the fact in 1959, they (not voted) but embraced a Revolution (Castros, Che and company who today would no doubt be classified as terrorists by some) to represent Cuba. Would you say that? This is what is implied.

    The majority of Cubans today would be highly offended if you were to blame them for the reprehensible economic state the country is in thanks to a failed Revolution. Even those hardened Cubans who supported the Revolution back then, and today are suffering from the consequences of failed, abandoned leadership, do not take blame.

    Similarly, those poor Gazans undergoing unspeakable atrocities being bombed to death in horrendous numbers perhaps “voted” for their leaders under tremendous duress to accept whatever “ terrorists” were available at the time so that they, the citizens of Gaza, could at least eat, raise their children and live in peace. I don’t know.

    To blame an entire people, an entire country’s population, for the atrocities committed by their leaders where in world history do you want to begin laying blame for the atrocities committed by unscrupulous “terrorists”. How about Hitler? He was “voted” by his constituents at the time. Did we and today do we blame the entire German population for the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime?

    War is nasty with untold misery and death on all sides of any conflict. Laying blame on innocent civilians for the despicable atrocities committed by the conflict leaders is undeserving to say the least.

  • No matter what your politics, you have to be revolted by a culture that revels in martyrdom and teaches their children to hate. There is something seriously wrong with the people of Gaza – starting with the fact that in 2005, they voted for a terrorist organization to represent them.

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