Author: Veronica Fernadez

Carnival in Appearance

Why not just hold carnival even if it’s every five years, but one that’s respected and that at least resembles the true carnival of Havana that many knew and that was among the best in the Americas and the world?

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The Hemingway Tournament

Here in the town of Cojimar (a neighborhood located to the east of Havana Bay), for more than thirty years people have celebrated the annual Ernest Hemingway Needle Fishing Tournament as a deserved homage to the famous US writer who enjoyed his favorite type of fishing in this area of Cuba.

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A Small Health Care Army

Made up of young people and adults who are paid at the same rate as any professional, though a higher education is not required, this small army begins its mission by falling into formation in the middle of the street and later they’re deployed throughout the whole area.

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