Cuba Pharmaceutical Companies Make Slight Recovery

Yenisel Rodriguez Perez


HAVANA TIMES, Jan 6 — I’d like to give another example of the favorable economic and social outcomes that can be achieved when the productive forces are released and non-neoliberal market mechanisms activated to reward positive economic performance.

This involves the production and marketing of natural, non-prescription pharmaceutical products. These products received a major boost by the Cuban government, which selected them as an alternative to high cost “chemical” drug production.

At first it was the same as always, the project died before obtaining significant results. Nevertheless, a slight recovery was experienced this year.

This recovery was primarily the outcome of effective financial support and greater flexibility in organizing the production process at the company level.

This was intended in the initial project design, but only now is it actually being implemented.

But let’s not be so naive once again. We have to remember that government management cannot be trusted in the least.

Like most Cuban production systems, the pharmaceutical industry depends on the relationship established by the Cuban government with the international market, which makes that system vulnerable to crises, policy changes and penalties for missed payments.

However there are currently companies experiencing remarkable increases in their production and stability.

Some of these companies are:

– The Roberto Escudero Pharmaceutical Company located in Havana. It produces the natural product “Vimang,” based on the bark of mango trees. This medicine is effective in the treatment of various dermatological and oncological diseases. It’s also sold as a dietary supplement.

– The Dental Products Company, located in the town of Bauta in Alquizar province. Among its other products are “Analda,” a topical dental analgesic; “Halitol,” an oral antiseptic; and “Boraden,” a denture cleaning powder.

– The Oral Liquids Pharmaceutical Company. It has two headquarters: one in Santiago de Cuba Province and another newer one in Granma Province. It produces “Thimerosal,” a highly effective antiseptic dye.

– The CPL Company is located in the Cerro municipality of Havana. It produces a variety of natural dyes. Among its best sellers are those prepared from perennial succulent spurges, calendula plants, garlic, sugar cane, Caribbean pine and lime trees.

Gradually people will discover these new products, which will result in significant increases in the demand for them. I hope all of this will lead to a well-established and lasting experience. I hope…



Yenisel Rodriguez

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