A Combative Internationalist Workers Day

This May Day I had the opportunity to march alongside the working class of Argentina to protest against the payment of the foreign debt and for increased wages and more jobs. The turnout was massive. The working class exhibited its internationalist character in uniting across the board against world capital.

While Waiting for May Day

Meanwhile, Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner could be seen strolling along with Obama, posing for the picture and offering her support to the nuclear monopoly of the US and its allies.

Entering the Work World

I began the process for the validation of the medical degree I received in Cuba, which will take a minimum of five months. At the moment I’m looking for any kind of work.

100 Years of Working Women’s Day (Part 3)

I think that if I’m going to discuss women’s day, I cannot forget speaking about Cuba. The experiences I lived these past seven years in Havana demonstrated to me that its social revolution has erased many of the difficulties suffered in capitalist countries.

100 Years of the Working Women’s Day (Part II)

How can we eliminate sexual commerce and trade without attacking the State apparatus, which both promotes and conceals it, and without attacking capitalism, which has as a condition for its survival the physical and psychological destruction of women and the transformation of them into commodities?

100 Years of Working Women’s Day (I)

March 8 for me is a day representing the value, discipline, courage and determination of working women, not the false bourgeois values depicted by almost all the broadcast media, blurring that day’s distinctly socialist and revolutionary origin.

Let’s Make Ours What Is Ours

Having gotten to know people of different nationalities over these past few years living in Havana and having shared our experiences has turned me into a cultural stew that leaves me with no doubt that homeland is a fiction maintained to divide us.

Returning Home to Argentina

My re-adaptation to Argentina is slow; much more so when one observes the radical differences that distance this society from Cuba.

See You Later Cuba

Living my young adulthood outside of Argentina and the contact with Cuban society had made me feel closely attached to the island: to its happiness, progress, frustrations and future. The time it was taking to resolve my passport problem was eating away at the roots of my decision and making me question my returning to Argentina.

Why Wait So Long for a Congress?

A good while has passed since anyone has mentioned the “much anticipated” holding of the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (CCP); I say “much anticipated” because many Cubans expect significant changes from it with respect to the country’s politics.