While Waiting for May Day

Esteban Diaz

To the Playa on May First.

Three months have passed since I came back from Cuba.  Without hesitation, and in line with my political positions, I linked myself with the struggles of the workers of Argentina.

During this period I’ve been anxiously expecting the upcoming May Day marches.  These will take place within the framework of world capitalist bankruptcy, which potentially involves the most powerful nations in the world – those such as the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, France, Portugal and Greece.

In this context, the world working class has been engaging in struggles in the forms of strikes, demonstrations and factory takeovers, which have become more generalized with the worsening of the crisis and the experiences of those struggles.

Meanwhile, Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner could be seen strolling along with Obama, posing for the picture and offering her support to the nuclear monopoly of the US and its allies.

Fernandez’s government is oriented toward paying the country’s foreign debt with the nation’s reserves and a new round of debt restructuring; this would assure 100 percent profits for international speculators and their “vulture funds” of acquired defaulted holdings.  In this way, the wages of workers are being openly turned over to international financial capital.

On this coming May Day, we workers are faced with the enormous challenge of deepening our forms of struggle and breaking new ground in finding our way out of the mortal impasse of capitalism.

We will march to defend jobs and wages that correspond to the basic needs of our families and against the payment of the usurious foreign debt.  On this day all of the laboring class must rise up united in struggle against international capital.

For the international unity of the working class!  Long live the international socialist revolution!