The Return: Living and Working in Cuba (part 2)

I left my last post with a house and its four walls which, like always, has no any other objective but to tell you about a personal experience and vision I have, which is also subjective, about the country which some of us return to after having lived so long abroad. And I don’t get tired of saying it but with four walls, I’m extremely happy.

The Return: Living and Working in Cuba

My heroes are simple, entrepreneurial, brave people with guts, who take risks. My heroes are afraid, they suffer, they fall, they get back up, they are optimistic, and fear doesn’t paralyze them. My heroes don’t want acknowledgement, they don’t need it…

The Cuba that Never Changes?

Having decided to return to Cuba, Cuban emigres (as well as emigrants from any other country, of course), find that they have to resolve a series of fundamental matters so they can adapt to their new place of residence.

Return to Cuba?

The first reaction of many people in Cuba and that of Cuban emigrants when they speak to somebody who is considering returning to Cuba, is astonishment. Phrases like “you’re crazy”, “but what are you going to do in Cuba?”, “you’ll never get used to this again!”