Mayari Still Suffering Transport Problems with its Horse-Drawn Carts

Public transport in the city of Mayari, the second most populated in the Holguin province, is mostly made up of horse-drawn carts. There is a public urban bus transport system, however it doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t provide a regular service because it often doesn’t have the basic resources it needs to run, such as spare tires and fuel. Thus, the horse-drawn carts are the transport option that residents can rely on.

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What We Gained and Lost with Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum

Let’s assume that the results disclosed by the National Election Commission are trustworthy; ignoring how suspicious it was that it took almost a whole day to announce the results to the public. Even with so many doubts and suspicions, it would be interesting for us to analyze what we have gained and lost with Cuba’s constitutional referendum process and its final results.

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