Vote NO in Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum

“If time has ever taught us anything, it’s to appreciate subtleties. The draft Constitution, which the Cuban government is pushing forward, is full of these. There’s no doubt that this draft involves more than one positive thing, when it comes to giving a legal framework to the country’s government.” However, here is why Haroldo Dilla supports a NO vote.

What Worries a Government Columnist about the Center?

Granma, Cuba’s official Communist Party newspaper, has just reproduced an interview with Enrique Ubieta under the heading “Is it possible to meld the best Can of capitalism and socialism?” For those of you who don’t know him, Ubieta is the director of the Cuba Socialista Magazine and a regular columnist in official Cuban media.

Cuba’s Demographic Disaster

Aging isn’t Cuba’s problem as such, but demographic replacement is. Chile and Costa Rica have longer life expectancy than Cuba, but they aren’t experiencing a demographic alarm. And when there is a vacuum, they do the same thing Europe and the US do: they bring over immigrants and increase their productivity.

What Has Died in Cuba with Fidel Castro’s Death?

His legacy is practical. After half a century leading the Cuban State, Fidel Castro will be recognized as the architect of a strong justice-seeking project. The social programs he funded produced an unprecedented social movement in the country. And the resulting creation of a “human capital” force which remains today the guarantee that the national economy will take off and the reason behind its emigres’ success.

The Intolerable Virtues of Cuba’s Periodismo de Barrio Project

I must confess that I read Periodismo de Barrio less than I should, even though my daughter tells me off more and more for not doing so. However, from what I have read, I can claim that it is one of the most interesting intellectual and media projects that have ever been carried out in Cuba.

The New Wave of Repression in Cuba

Laritza Diversent is the director of CUBALEX, a non-governmental agency that is committed to providing free legal services to Cubans. She is a young professional who speaks softly and has well-defined ideas, such as those that lawyers use when they file a lawsuit.

Why I support a Journalist in Cuba Threatened with Deportation

Fernando Ravsberg escapes labels, which always attracts attention; however, it isn’t exactly a virtue. For example, in his views on Cuban society, he has picked on the evident signs of unrest without ever focusing on the opposition’s noisy protests, or how they are repressed.