Transgenic Foods and Cuba

With good reason it’s feared-perhaps not in the short run, but in the medium or long term- that these foods will cause allergies, toxicity, immunologic difficulties, cancer, infertility and even endocrinal dysfunctions. That’s not to mention the possibility of transgenic contamination, which puts wild and cultivated plant species in danger.

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Luis Miguel Wants to Come Home, but…

Luis Miguel is under 20, and looks it, but when he speaks he seems older. After having chatted for a good while, and taking advantage of the fact that he was born among us, I proposed that he respond to a few questions for this publication. He consented, and without making me have to beg.
“Spain was just like I imagined; I really didn’t have any illusions. If there was anything that surprised me it was the architecture, and especially people’s what-do-I-care attitude of you have your ways and I have mine, so let’s just do our own thing.”

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Cuba’s Gender Equality Issues

In terms of women’s participation in the formal sector, it’s very high. This includes university degree programs in which the female student body is much larger than the male. However, like in other countries, there is no correspondence with managerial positions, or in the highest offices, where their representation is less than men.

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Black Cuban Female Blogger

“I believe that, in some way, my blog does the country good. I approach issues that the country is addressing. There has been an opening to sexual diversity, the racial issue is being discussed, and there are advances. My blog can serve to collect those things that don’t usually come out in the press,” says Sandra Alvarez.

“I don’t believe that it’s saying anything so out of the ordinary, but in Cuba we are not used to discussing these issues.”

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“Hotel Havana” at Biennial Art Show

“In some of these scenes, we made images of the 1950s coincide with present shots taken from the same places. We then added billboards, advertising and electric signs that do not presently exist in Havana but that are common in many cities around the world.”

In this way, we’ve come closer to some of the fantasies that threaten the future of Havana.

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Do They Dance Badly?

“When you enter there, you’re in a completely different world. These people may not be pretty or intelligent or have money, but they are given to feel and show a tremendous amount of love, to each other as well as to their teachers. Such a pure love is very difficult to find on the street,” says Tania the art instructor.

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Masculinity Doesn’t Mean Macho

The rules for “being a man” that predominate in Latin America include “never saying no” to temptations out on the street, being “macho” — hanging tough — no matter what the risks, and above all, avoiding any characteristics or feelings that might be seen as feminine or cast doubts on one’s masculinity.

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