The “Horse’s Head” that Raul Castro Leaves Behind

The new President, whoever he is, and everything seems to indicate that it will be current first vice-president Miguel Diaz Canel, will inherit what we Cubans call a great “horse’s head”, of a dead horse of course, from his predecessor.

The Castros and Jose Marti

The Castro government has tried to base its violence, strategies and intentions on Marti’s ideas, trying to win over for themselves the attraction the thinking of the Cuban people’s Apostle always had.

Cuba: A Last Warning

Using well-known tools that all Cuban Social Sciences university students use, you can identify the great contradictions that the government, its leaders and political/economic/social system (sold off as “Socialism”) are experiencing.

The Three Ways the Castros Betrayed Socialism

In its nearly 60 years at the helm of power, the Castros betrayed three great paradigmatic ideals which the majority of the Cuban people had fought for: Democracy, national independence and socialism. Read on for the detials…

Cuba at the Close of 2017: Raul Castro’s Plan in Crisis

If the shoes were too big for Raul, you can just imagine how they’ll fit on Diaz-Canel or anyone else. Only a change in Cuba’s economic and political systems, which they haven’t wanted to do because they are so arrogant, could have ensured some continuity of Castrismo without Fidel.

Sonic Attacks, US Response and Cuba’s Reaction

In a nutshell, with all of the 24/7 control, using all of the National Counterintelligence’s means and techniques on US diplomats, in a country under State Security’s absolute control, it’s hard to believe that the Cuban government “didn’t know anything and that General Castro is bewildered.”

Cuba and the Sonic Attacks on Diplomats in Havana

The US gov. has been clear about this incident being a deliberate attack and has demanded an explanation for these events. Meanwhile, it has been giving Cuban leaders time and space so they can provide an accurate response. The FBI is reportedly collaborating with Cuban Security forces to find out what happened.

Cuba: the ’68 Revolutionary Offensive Reedited

The 1968 “Revolutionary Offensive” nationalized all the small businesses that remained after the Revolution triumphed in 1959. According to figures from Granma newspaper itself, 55,636 small businesses were seized back then:11,878 grocery stores, 3130 butchers, 3198 bars, 8101 food selling establishments, 6653 launderettes, 3643 barber shops, 1188 shoe repairmen, 4544 car repair workshops, 1598 craft businesses and 3345 carpentry workshops.

The Left is Democratic Otherwise it isn’t the Left

Recent events in Venezuela have served to expose this State-Stalinist “Left” which, entrenched in “anti-US imperialism” and its alleged attack “on the revolutionary process in Venezuela”, have turned their back on the struggle of the masses to uphold the democracy that was built under Chavez’s government.

Cuba Today: One Step Forward and Three Steps Back

Several days before Raul Castro’s speech, lawmakers designated from above, were sent to “investigate the non-agricultural cooperative experiment” and they paved the way for this crafty attack on the few freedoms that non-agricultural cooperatives have.