Nightmare in Kiev for Republicans, Trumpsters & Maga Fans

Biden y Zelenski en Kiev.

By Alejandro Armengol (Cubaencuentro)

HAVANA TIMES — For Republicans, Trumpsters and MAGA supporters in general, Biden’s brief visit to Kiev is the latest and the most horrific nightmare they have experienced since the previous president’s electoral defeat.

Not only has Biden done what no previous US president in decades has done: visit a war zone that is not under the control of the US armed forces, but he has done so with a bold, rather reckless plan.

That all this is the enactment of typical US heroism of the 50s is what must hurt them the most.

I’m talking about on an emotional level: image, legend, and demonstration. This is not a question of political assessment, ultimate outcome, or long-term effectiveness. That would be analysis. But here we are not talking about analysis because that is what matters least, that is what is most alien to MAGA supporters.

On the other hand, the emotional one, is the one that counts for them: image, bravado, in the purest John Wayne style (reactionary and Republican to the extreme), and it was not achieved by their Republican leader, but by his opponent.

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