Are US passports accepted without a problem in Cuba?

Question: Is it true that U.S. passports are accepted without a problem in Cuba?

Answer: Yes, US passports are accepted in Cuba as are those from any other country.  In the case of US citizens you will have a paper tourist visa and they won’t stamp your passport.

2 thoughts on “Are US passports accepted without a problem in Cuba?

  • They don’t stamp any passport from anywhere, not in the 15 years I have been there & anyway they don’t even have them! But when departing & re-entering from another country to Cuba they may stamp your passport & this is what US customs look for… however you can ask not to be stamped & these days not a big deal anymore, because they have bigger fish to fry like illegals, weapons & drugs etc. Than a few Americans going to Cuba on their own!

  • Of course Americans will not have a problem. Castro and his brother needs your dollars. Just wait until the John Lennon has a daughter situation starts and you see all the tributes they will have over there. Castro loves John Lennon now. John Lennon and his scandal is a money maker for them. Yes, there will champagne and caviar for everyone. After the John Lennon tributes have ended maybe a year later Cuba will probably be a wealthy country at least not poverty stricken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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