Can I bring vegetable seeds to Cuba?

Question: Is it legal to bring seeds into Cuba, for use in private home vegetable gardens?

Answer: Aduana General de la República de Cuba (General Customs of the Republic of Cuba) has a website containing information on Customs Declarations, Articles that can be brought into the country by visitors, Articles that are prohibited from entering the country, Articles and Products that can enter the country under certain requirements, Export Duties, etc. Known as AduaCuba and located at, it is available in both Spanish and English, although the English section is not as comprehensive.

According to the website, articles that need authorization for importation into Cuba include the following:

  • Specimens of flora and fauna or their remains, in any form, according to the regulations of health and veterinary authorities.
  • Live animals, plants and their parts and products of animal and vegetable origin whether processed or not, are all subject to inspection and authorization by Veterinary and Plan Health authorities.
  • Species that are protected under the Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, must possess a license issued by the Competent Authority (CITES permit).

Seeds would appear to come under at least some of the above categories. However, to obtain a more concise clarification on any regulation of Cuban Customs, or solicit a consultation, or even lodge a complaint or claim, you can do so via three channels.

From within the country:

  • Contact their Oficinas de Atención Público (Public Service Offices) at any Customs Unit
  • Call Cuban Customs at (537) 883-7575 or (537) 883-8282

From outside the country:

The following is the contact information for the Oficina Nacional de Hidrografia y Geodesia (ONHG):

Oficina Nacional de Hidrografia y Geodesia (ONHG)
Avenida 47 # 2829

e/ 28 y 34,
Reparto Kholy, Playa
Ciudad de La Habana CP 11300 Cuba
Telephone (537) 209 0926
FAX (537) 203 0967
E-mail: [email protected]

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One thought on “Can I bring vegetable seeds to Cuba?

  • I thought of visiting and bringing packages of seeds to hand out for free. Perhaps, Cuba should have a post office where packages of seeds could be sent without risking unmarked or a contaminated type of seed. Farming is the most important job for a country. Or, you could advertise, “Support Farming with a contribution” to purchase farm machinery. One seed not packaged would be Golden Rod. Golden Rod, according to First Nations Canada held a morphine type of medicine for pain.

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