How can I hire a Cuban lawyer?

Question: I am seeking to hire a Cuban lawyer regarding a very urgent immigration matter. Can you please assist me with a name or a contact?

Answer: English-speaking lawyers in Cuba are available from two sources, both of which are listed below with their contact information. They provide a range of services including on immigration matters and can recommend a lawyer suitable to your needs. There will be a fee for services.

The first, Consultoria Juridica Internacional (CJI or International Legal Consulting) is a firm that provides legal services in all branches of law. With headquarters in Havana and branches in all provinces of the country, the CJI offers services in three specialized divisions: Legal Assistance, Notary and Immigration Affairs, and Documentaries.

The CJI has signed some 40 agreements with corresponding law firms in the largest cities of the world, forming a network that allows Cuban legal specialists to remain updated with respect to regulations in force in other countries.

Consultoria Juridica Internacional
Calle 16 #314 (16th Street)
entre 3ra y 5ra Avenidas (between 3th and 5th Avenue)
Miramar – Municipio Playa
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Telephone (537) 204-2490 / 204-2697 / 204-2861 / 204-1368 / 204-2437
Fax :204-2303/204-9469Fax (537) 204-2303 / 204-9469 (directory for international correspondence lawyers)

The Bufete de Services Legales Especializados (BES or Law Firm for Specialized Legal Services) provides services to foreigners from abroad as well as to Foreign Residents in Cuba. Among other things, it legalizes documents obtained in Cuba to ensure that they will be valid abroad, provides advice and representation, etc. Headquartered in Havana and with lawyers and branches in all provinces and municipalities of the country, the BES has signed contracts with correspondent offices of lawyers and firms in other countries.

Bufete de Servicios Legales Especializados
Calle 23, No. 501

esq.J (23th Street corner with J Street)
Vedada – Municipio Plaza

Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone (537) 832-6024 / 832-6813
Fax (537) 662159

email [email protected] and [email protected]

3 thoughts on “How can I hire a Cuban lawyer?

  • I need a lawyer to help my Cuban friend.

  • Looking for a lawyer to help an Israeli woman that married a Cuban 2 years ago, invested money in house in Cuba and now is divorcing the guy and wants her money back.
    I’m not kidding

  • Hi Henrik,
    did you managed to find a lawyer? I have the same problem as the Israeli woman


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