Can I visit the Masonic Grand Lodge in Havana?

Question: I am visiting Havana February 8-9, 2011 and would like to visit the Gran Templo Nacional Masonico is that possible?

Answer: To visit the Gran Logia de Cuba or any of its member Lodges elsewhere in the country, one must abide by UGLE regulations for having such contact. These regulations – which can be found in the document entitled “Information for the Guidance of Members of the Craft” (2009), located in the UGLE website at – stipulate that no Visitor shall be received into a Lodge without due examination, including producing proper Vouchers of their having been initiated in a regular Lodge. In Cuba, this examination is done by the Gran Logia de Cuba in Havana.

In a phone consultation with the Gran Logia de Cuba, they explained that prospective visitors must contact their office either by phone or in person. (They do not have an email address.) The individual to contact is the Gran Secretario (Grand Secretary), Alberto William Rojas Aguilar, at Telephone (537) 878-5065, Monday through Friday, after 3pm. Although he speaks only Spanish, the Gran Logia has excellent translators (José Luis) who can help, including with phone calls. The address and general phone numbers of the Gran Logia de Cuba are the following:
Gran Templo Nacional Masonico
Ave. Salvador Allende No. 508, 11th Floor
Esquina Belascoain (Esquina = Corner)
Municipio Centro Habana
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone (537) 878-1071 or (537) 874-1506 or (537) 874-1566

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5 thoughts on “Can I visit the Masonic Grand Lodge in Havana?

  • I will be in Havana via carnival cruise lines on Monday. Are there any travelers that can help me out or give me some tour pointers??

  • Dear BB:. , I am coming to Havana on 7 and 8/02/2019 . I wisch to visit a repectable L:. and maybe if it is possible to assist on The Work . I will only be at the Hotel National de Cuba Calle Oy 21 Vedada Havana in the evenings because during the day i visit the city . If you want to accept my request please send me a Email .
    I am the B:. Sécr:. of the R:. L:. “L’Amitié ” N°20 of the G:.O:.B:. in the E:. of Kortrijk (Belgica) . With my R:. Sal:.
    Jean-Paul Vanryckeghem

  • I, myself have had many times gone to Cuba to see a Lodge in “The Work”, so much so that back in 2011 I was made on honorary member in one of there lodge in Cienfuegos “The Fernandina de Jagua”. I have been to lodges in Havana, Cienfuegoes, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba and Matanza. And every one has been a new experience.
    If you have an old (or even better) summons with your name printed in it bring them with you also a current dues card, and if you can a copy of your Grand Lodge Certificate. Old dated or expired dues card will not be accepted. Bring a small gift for your interpreter (Masonic cup, pen, baseball cap, etc…) and a little something for the Master or His Lodge a a way to say “Thank You” for having you in there Lodge.

  • I lucked out a had a quick private tour of the Beautiful building. The History is rich and not to be taken lightly. I was privileged to see the Grand Hall, and the Museum. I was extremely luck for a 20min tour. They challenged me, and I had a interpreter would was not a mason so the conversation was guarded but understood perfectly even with the Spanish/English barrier. Awesome experience…:.

  • I have had the opportunity to visit three Lodges in Cuba, where I was welcomed warmly and appreciated as a visiting Brother. I found the there work and their sincerity to be very kind and masonic. I enjoyed their friendship and fraternity very much and I will return again to visit my brothers in masonry in Cuba. Ian from Ontario Canada.

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