Can We Meet with HT Writers?

QUESTION: Greetings. I’m a Spanish professor in Dallas, Texas. I will be in Havana in June with a group of university students.  It will be my first visit to Cuba and the truth is I’m very excited about going.  I’ve been reading Havana Times for months and would like to meet with some of your writers during my visit.  Hopefully something could be arranged. Sincerely, George Henson

ANSWER: We are glad to have you among our readers. Please send us your e-mail address and we will try to put you in direct contact with some of our writers.  It would be good if you wrote us the names of some of the people you would like to meet if possible.

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  • Please advise! Is there treatment for scleroderma available in Cuba?

  • @John Sparre,

    Good points of view John. I think the main things to get from the Havana Times is more the wealth of information on the Cultural aspects of what Cuba has to offer on a Humanitarian side, as opposed to countering viewpoints on governmental structures. Cuba has excellent music and people from all over the globe that hold it in reverence (as evidenced by the first question on this page), an interesting and intriguing culture, and great food to boot! I think the big thing is creating a border of education between cultural boundaries.

  • if you read havana times you can see that it is very independent. articles by people who would like to improve socialism are published. supporters of the government are published. one eyed american and cuban american critics of the regime are published. the american interests section was directly funding people who wanted to overthrow the government. this is illegal under international law. like blowing up an oil refinery in nicaragua was illegal under international law. newspapers everywhere have to be careful whose toes they tread on so there is no such thing as a completely independent newspaper. havana times is what they bill themselves to be. open minded writing from cuba. i have disputed facts with all sides of the political spectrum. i am only interested in politics as a circus. an entertainment.

  • What kind of question is that? if the CIA funded Havana Times, we would certainly be doing nothing else but this, and i would have no financial problems at home.

  • Are you funded, in whole or in part, by the CIA?

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