Can you get me a contact with the National Symphony Orchestra?

QUESTION: I understand this is a long shot but I am hopefully visiting Cuba for around 6 months from September and wondered if there was any help or advice you could give me.

I am a Viola player studying at the Royal College of Music in London, England and was wondering if you knew of anyone I could contact to try and get some playing done whilst I am out there.

Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I understand there are some musical institutions in Havana but i am strugglingnto find contact details.  Thanks very much,

ANSWER: Since you are going to be in Cuba for a long period the best thing would be to enter into the music world early on and go from there. In Cuba this is not hard. You could just go to hear the symphony orchestra, and wait to talk with someone when they finish (not hard to do in Cuba), or early when musicians arrive, and take it from there. Nonetheless, here is the contact information for the Orquestra Sinfónica Nacional.
E mail: [email protected]
Teléfono: (537) 832-0487
Dirección: Calzada y D, Vedado (The Amadeo Roldan Theater)


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  • As a US citizen is it common practice that our passports wil not be stamped so we can travel to Cuba without worrying that we will not be fined when we return to the States? Also is it necessary to have an itinerary before entering the Cuban country?

    Thank you for your time.


  • The Cira Garcia Hospital has a dental clinic for prosthesis and basic services. To get a better idea and to explain what type of work the person is seeking to see if they can do it and for what price you can write: [email protected] They usually take a few days to get back.

    They also have a phone number 537-204-4300

  • A friend was talking about traveling to get some dental work done, possibly to Thailand. I mentioned Cuba as an alternative, and she would much prefer spending her money in Cuba than in Asia.

    Does Cuba offer general dental care to visitors?

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