How can a US band play in Cuba?

Question: Do you know if there are any arrangements between Cuba and the United States that would allow an American blues/rock band to play in Cuba?

Answer: No formal agreements exist between Cuba and the United States that allow American blues / rock bands, or any other kind of musical group, to play in Cuba.

If a North American group wants to play in Cuba, it must go through the necessary process for authorization on both the Cuban and the U.S. end. Neither process has anything to do with the other. In other words, one side may grant authorization and the other side not.

If a group is interested to come to Cuba to perform, it should contact the Instituto Cubano de la Musica (ICM), in particular Alejandro Guzmán, vice-president of International Relations, whose email is [email protected]

The ICM will then provide the necessary information for processing the solicitation on the Cuban end.

Instituto Cubano de la Musica
Calle 15 #452
Esquina a F
Vedado – Municipio Playa
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Telephone (537) 837-5164 (Relaciones Internacionales)