How do you take salsa classes in Havana?

Question: Would you advise doing organized salsa classes (paid for in advance) which include board for one week in Havana or just arriving and finding classes while on site?

Answer: It is really an individual preference whether one wants to learn salsa in organized classes or make one’s own arrangements, upon arrival, with a private teacher. It is our policy to recommend official Cuban structures and sources of information for arranging one’s visit inside the country. For information on organized salsa classes in Cuba, following are some Cuban organizations and websites that you might want to check out.

Cubamar Viajes is a Travel Agency specializing in Nature, Adventure, Youth Tourism and Socio-Cultural Interchanges. Their website is and you can access it in either Spanish or English. On their home page, if you click under Tourist programs and look at the bottom of the page under Culture and identity, you will notice that they offer both Spanish and Dancing courses. Click under either one of them and you will find additional information. Both offer programs for either one person or a group, and for a one-week or longer duration.

An overseas agency which works in coordination with Cubamar Viajes and which offers both Spanish Courses and Dancing is SPRACHCAFFE Languages PLUS, a German non-governmental organization that assists cultural projects in Cuba. Because it is mentioned in the Cubamar Viajes website, we are mentioning it here as well. Their website is

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