Question: Hello Havana Times, my name is Eduard and I live in USA but originally from Russia. We are planning to come to Cuba for Religious purposes. I am happy that I was able to find your website and I can learn something about Cuba from your website. We would like to find a Russian community in Cuba and wondering if you would know where we can find this community? According to our research there is about 55,000 people of Russian descent living in Cuba.

Also, is there an open access to the internet in Cuba?

Answer: Yes there is a good size Russian-Cuban community and one of our writers, Dmitri Prieto is a member of it. We will pass on your request to him and he can then write you directly.

As to your other question, Internet in Cuba for visitors is available at some of the hotels at varying speeds, and costing from 7 to 11 USD the hour. Cubans are not allowed to contract internet service at their homes, even the terribly slow 40-50 kb telephone dial up connections, which some trusted government workers and artists have.

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  • I will forward you message to Dmitri Prieto.

  • Hi! I am a russian photography student looking to connect with the russian community in Havana for a project. I will be in Havana for 2 more weeks, could you possibly put me in touch with Dmitri Prieto or someone else who could help me meet some russians in Havanna? My email is Thank you!

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