What’s the link for the Marabana Marathon website?

Question: Still having problems with the INDER site…is there a new link for the website for the Marabana Marathon?

Answer: Havana Times prefers to list official Cuban websites for Cuban-related events such as Marabana, rather than making references to links or organizations located outside the country. However, if you are unable to access either the INDER or Marabana official websites, you might try contacting cuba1tours, a Canadian-based agency which is organizing a sports tour for the 2009 Havana Marathon, to see if they might be able to help you. The website for the marathon iswww.cuba1tours.com/marabana/running.html

One thought on “What’s the link for the Marabana Marathon website?

  • Hello;
    My Name is Bünyamin,
    I live in ?stanbul and TURKEY,
    I am 51 years old.
    Master(Veteran RUN)
    Half marathon ,s okey.
    inform ?
    I am cuba marabana marathon 12.11.2009-19.11.2009 depart.
    Thanks help me
    Sea You

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