Where can I write for information on the Marabana marathon?

Question: Where can people write for information on the Marabana marathon? Is there a number to call?

Answer: There are a number of ways to contact Marabana in Cuba and to get information. In a consultation with the director ofMarabana, Carlos Gattorno, the following information was provided:

As of November 2009, the head offices of Marabana will be permanently located in Ciudad Desportiva, a large sports complex located in the municipality of Cerro.

To call Marabana, the phone number is (537) 641-0911

The official website of Marabana is www.inder.cu/beta/competition/marabana

If you want to communicate with the head office of Marabana, the email address is [email protected] and you should note in the subject line the following:  Atención: Carlos Gattorno, director de Marabana

Finally, if you wish to contact the official agency for Marabana (and other Cuban sports), the website is Cubadeportes S.A. atwww.cubadeportes.cu

Also check for additional information about marathons in Cuba under the question in the Havana Times “Cuba Travel” section, such as: What’s the link for the Marabana Marathon website?