Cuban Film ‘La Piscina’ Opens Today

HAVANA TIMES — The film La piscina (The Swimming Pool), by the young Cuban filmmaker Carlos Machado Quintela, opens today in the capital’s Chaplin Theater and will be projected in all provinces starting June 11, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The film recounts a day in the life of a swimming teacher and his students, some with certain physical or mental disabilities.

The movie, filmed in 2009, offers the public a “very spontaneous” viewpoint with its impressionistic script, its non-professional actors and its insistent panoramic shots, said the fledgling director at a press conference.

According to film critic Joel del Rio, La piscina exploits communicative keys that are virtually untouched within the national film scene.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Film ‘La Piscina’ Opens Today

  • This means that the movie is, in aesthetics and visual language very different from cuban cinema standards, usually more direct in speach (ala italian neorealism) and content.

  • Hello from NYC, NY, in the USA! I absolutely love watching movies and, if I get the chance, I would gladly watch La Piscina. The last sentence of the above entry is not clear to me. I guess someone from Cuba would be able to explain it to me. Oh well!

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