5 thoughts on “Cuba’s ECOS Flamenco Troupe at the Mella Theater

  • Brian,

    What are looking for as fare your project goes? I know Ecos personally. If I can get more details from you we can put something together. You can reach me at nikitamarkov@hotmail.com.



  • Hola,

    Me llamo Brian y soy fototgrafo de baile. Pienso ir a Cuba a finales de este año para realizar un proyecto fotografico. Quiesiera ponerme en contacto con la compania Ecos. Me puede ayudar?



  • could u tell me if there is any place where I can see the cuban Dance company called Buena vista TM from Australia…we are travelling to cuba in April May and was told that the australian Beuna Vista TM were performing in Havana..I think?
    could u let us know if tyhats true
    thank u

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