DJ Iván Lejardi, DJ Obi and DJ Ra

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 9 – DJ Iván Lejardi, DJ Obi and DJ Ra will present their show in the Jardines de La Tropical on Sunday, January 17, at 4:00 pm.

Dj Ra: He began as a DJ in 2000, first with hip-hop, working with “turntablismo,” and later introducing electronic music. In August 2005 he created his own slot at the club Salón Rosado giving concerts, and in 2009 organized his project “Sarao Night Club” at the Jardines de la Tropical.

Iván Lejardi: His self-education began as a DJ producing electronic music in performances at Club Karachi. Later, in 2008, he participated in the annual Rotilla electronic music festival. He promotes Cuban electronic music intensely through his combination of audio and visual arts, graphic design and diverse forms of Cuban contemporary art.

DJ Obi: In 2005 he began as a DJ at the club Sherezada. He has worked at Club Karachi, La Atelier and the Jardines de la Tropical. He is currently working in a production he calls “Antiplano.” DJ Obi belongs to the Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica, and the styles he works with most are minimal techno and tech house.

Admission: 20.00MN

Address: Calle Rizo and Final, Puentes Grandes. Marianao.