Dj Iván Lejardi, Dj Obi y Dj Ra

HAVANA TIMES, March 6 – A musical encounter with top Havana DJs is planned to take place at Los Jardines de la Tropical on Sunday March 7 and 14.

In this musical setting will be three stellar DJjs: Ivan Lejardi, Dj Obi and Dj Ra. Among each of them an effort is always made to find a perfect balance between the different musical genres within each specific moment of the event. Instead of being locked into any one style, they try to take us on a musical voyage with each variety of sound.

The styles they work with most are house, trance, and minimal-house, among others.

Place: Jardines de La Tropical (Rizo y final, Puentes Grandes, Marianao)

Dates: Sunday, March 7 and 14 (4:00 p.m.)

Price: $20.00 MN

Telephone: 881-8767