Film Tribute to Benny Moré

HAVANA TIMES, Aug. 24 – A series of four documentaries on the life of Cuban musician Benny Moré will be premiered on September 10 in Cuban movie theatres as part of the tribute for the 90th anniversary of the birth of the singer dubbed the “King of Rhythm,” reported IPS.

According to filmmaker Jorge Luis Sanchez, the director of the documentaries, they show the singer “mainly seen by those who knew him.”

One thought on “Film Tribute to Benny Moré

  • WOW!! thank u for ths post.. i am too young to remember this icon and musical genius.. Altough i have visisted with his statue. However, both my parents remember him well. My father and i had a visit this past weekend and he was glad to know of this tribute. Although i will not be there, my sister will be. She is the one who will bring Daddy back after 30 yrs..This will be a plus..i only hope those elders who remember as well will come out in number.This is awesome.

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